Focusing on Berlin, Brussels, London, Luxembourg City, Oslo, Paris, Rome and Warsaw, the pioneering book highlights the experiences of each city’s Black communities, offering answers to questions, such as: What is the state of Black memory? Which Black philosophical movements have helped to rewrite distorted histories? How is community activism involved?

Natasha A. Kelly / Olive Vassell (eds.)

Mapping Black Europe
Monuments, Markers, Memories

Black communities have been making major contributions to Europe’s social and cultural life and landscapes for centuries:
An in-depth exploration of Black Europe’s past and present focusing on urban inscriptions, historical figures, and community activism.

With contributions by Natasha A. Kelly, Sibo Rugwiza Kanobana, Olive Vassell, Bernardino Tavares, Aleida Vieira, Epée Hervé Dingong, Michelle A. Tisdel, Kwanza Musi Dos Santos, and James Omolo.

Unfolding with an examination of the impact of the Black Lives Matters Movement in each city, which was heightened in the summer of 2020 and continues today, this anthology traces the long history of Black communities who challenge racism and create their own memorials to mark Black presence and contribution. Importantly, this groundbreaking work allows for comparison and for a collective narrative to be formed across the continent, creating a ›Blackprint of Europe‹.

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About the editors

Natasha A. Kelly, PhD, (right) is a bestselling author and editor of eight books. Natasha acts as curator, artist, filmmaker, theater director and professor. Her film »Millis Awakening« debuted at the 10th Berlin Biennale in 2018. Natasha presently is the founding director of Germany’s first Institute for Black German Arts and Culture.

Olive Vassell (left) is a journalist and professor who founded and headed the pioneering Black European news site, (2009-2022). Olive recently launched BBrit Project, an online journal which focuses on People of African Descent in the UK. She currently heads the Digital Media program at the University of the District of Columbia in Washington, D.C.